Additional funding, ​
a La Ruche exclusive!

Our programs can help you reach your project’s financial goal. By meeting our partners’ criteria and succeeding in your crowdfunding campaign, the amounts received from your community could be increased!
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What is additional funding?

Additional funding can take the form of a loan or a grant.

Many of these programs are exclusive to La Ruche. This funding comes from a multitude of sources (provincial, municipal, private, etc.)

The programs cover several areas of activity, such as entrepreneurship, youth, the environment, sports and recreation as well as tourism, etc. New funds are created regularly.

How can you take advantage of the programs?

How can you take advantage
of the programs?

Create your crowdfunding campaign

First, publish a free campaign page on La Ruche. Our team will then help you complete each step. Contact us now!

Reach your goal

Launch your campaign, mobilize the community around your idea and get monetary contributions in exchange for rewards.

Get additional funding

Get an additional amount from La Ruche's partners in addition to the many contributions from the general population and businesses.

Discover our programs

Our programs

Consult the overview of our additional funding programs and click "Learn more" for information about each one’s objectives.